Google Chrome

Google Chrome Gets Patched for Serious Zero-Day Flaw

Google Chrome users, rejoice! A recent update addresses a critical security vulnerability that attackers were actively exploiting. This kind of flaw, known as a zero-day vulnerability, is particularly dangerous because software developers are unaware of it until it’s already being used in attacks. The patched vulnerability, classified as CVE-2024-4671, resided in Google Chrome’s “Visuals” component,…

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iPad Apple

The iPad Family: A Deep Dive into Every iPad Apple Offers in India

Apple’s iPad lineup caters to a range of users, from students and casual users to creative professionals. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of every iPad currently available in India, highlighting their key features, specifications, and functionalities: 1. iPad (9th generation): Specifications: Additional Features: 2. iPad Air (5th generation): Specifications: Additional Features: 3. iPad mini (6th generation):…

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